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Marcarso photographer

Marcarson in this series of paintings on reproductions

Marcarso is an American photographer, textile artist, and painter whose works have been exhibited in both solo and group events in the United States. In addition, his art is featured in the Queens Museum's permanent collection. Social and cultural commentary are part of Marcarson's main themes and messages, which he classifies as 'avant-garde comedy'. He creates using oils, watercolors, and pigments on canvas and paper.

Marcarso Career

Marcarso began his career in 2008 under the influence of his admiration for fashion with his then brand Kaviar & Cigarettes, after bolting out of his conservative family home in East Los Angeles. He quickly found his true calling while exploring the subcultures of Los Angeles when the nomadic creative found himself drawn to fashion and visual art in New York City.

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